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Barbershop Chronicles 360

by Inua Ellams


The National Theatre’s Immersive Storytelling Studio is an R&D lab space that was used to examine how virtual reality, 360 ̊film, augmented reality and other emerging technologies can widen and enhance dramatic storytelling.


Barber Shop Chronicles was restaged for 360 ̊ video content. One day. Six cities. A thousand stories. For generations, African men have gathered in barbershops to discuss the world. Get the best seat in the house, by watching this 360 video to see all the action right from centre stage. Use your mouse to click and drag to look around the action.


The full production is written by Inua Ellams and directed by Olivier award-winning director Bijan Sheibani.


Tuyet worked as a Digital Producer at the National Theatre’s Immersive Storytelling Studio and this was one of the projects she led on production.


Photo by East City Films