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Look At You Now


Look At You Now features photo portraits by young people of 53 theatre-makers who are connected with the NT.


People featured in the exhibition come from a cross section of careers across the creative industries from actors to costume designers, playwrights to sound technicians. They all spent time with the young people talking about their work in theatre and the path their lives took since the original photograph was taken. The young people who took part in the project came from neighbouring schools and colleges and have gained skills in portrait composition, identifying shoot locations and photographic lighting through working with their mentors.


The story of the exhibition was told in the Lyttelton Lounge including a short film featuring a number of people featured in the exhibition.


Tuyet worked as a Digital Producer at the National Theatre’s Immersive Storytelling Studio and this was one of the projects she worked on, specifically the short film made as part of the exhibition.


Image by National Theatre