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Asians Have Feelings Too

by The Mollusc Dimension


A music video that premiered for one night only at London’s Rich Mix, where The Mollusc Dimension brought you a mysterious and magical multi-verse bumper pack of hummable tunes and hairy tales in a transformative debut solo show. There were deep original songs (on love, nature, grief, ghosts plus a few “classics”), humorously politicised covers (Lennon’s Imagine as you’ve never heard it before!).


The Mollusc Dimension is an escaped Classical pianist, prolific songwriter and composer. He is British-born Chinese, bisexual, transmasculine, non-binary, middle-aged – a set of identities which have led to decades of guilt for merely existing and a sense of shame in daring to take up space.


Tuyet was the producer who successfully got the project funded by the Arts Council of England, which enabled the artist to create the music video and live performance. The project was a collaborative project that sought to engage with creatives who identify in the global majority, BESEA and/or LGBTA+. The premiere of the music video had a successful night at London’s Rich Mix.


Artwork by The Mollusc Dimension