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LA offices

Consensus Gentium

by Karen Palmer


A research & development project engaging international thought leaders into think tanks where they explore a future world where people are resisting weaponised technology and bias algorithms in favour of AI Democratisation. This collaborative process aided the Artist to develop three short immersive film scripts. The global experts ranged from Neuroscientists, Parkour Athletes,  Wellbeing Practitioners, Worldbuilders, Technologists, Sound Designers, as well as four international Activists from the USA, Hong Kong, The Congo and The Netherlands.


One of the scripts then went into production using eye tracking technology to make users conscious of their unconscious behaviour. Consensus Gentium had its international premiere at SXSW in March 2023 and won the best XR experience at the festival. It had its London premiere at Roundhouse in the same year.


Tuyet was the Producer and worked closely with the artist in sourcing the funding for the project. The project was successfully funded by the British Film Institute where Tuyet completed the R&D phase as well as the first film which is currently doing the festival circuits 2023.



Director of Photography | Anthony Gurner

Editor | Jack Foster

Casting Director | Nicci Topping

Starring | Miriam Teak-Lee, Zachary Hing, Sorcha Farnan, Tolu Kingba, Clare Owens, Dean Christie, Graham Bohea, Keon Martial-Phillip, Mei Mac, Aitor Gonzalez, Georgia Munroe, Daniel Woodrow, Flynn Disney, Kevin Francomme, Jasmine Murray, Zara Murray, Angelica Nguyen, Christopher Nguyen, Kien Do-Boal

Screenlife Executive Producer | Megan O’Connell

Screenlife Producer | Jackson Lapsley Scott

Motion Graphics Producer | Steph Walsh

Lead Motion Graphics Designer | Shell Weiss

Graphics Designer | Ryan McShane

Motion Graphics | Rebecca George, Samantha Gleeson

Screenlife Editor | Brodie Rocca

Technical Developer | Tom Shannon, Ahmed Buttar

VFX Editor | Crunrust VFX LTD

Colourist | Nigel Tadyanehondo

Sound Designer | Gareth Fry

Storyboard Developer | Shuan Beyond

Assistant Director | Caroline Deeds

Assistant Producer | Maya Colombier

Makeup Artist | Marialuisa Consentino

Hair Stylist | Sheree Jordan

Stylist | Laurel Hunter

Camera Assistant | Guilio Piccirillo

Sounds Recordists | Rute Gomes, Nikos Nikolalaois

Production Assistant | Marcin Weremczuk

Stills Photographers | Wayne Campbell, Aubrey Fagon

Legal Team | Lee & Thompson

Contributors | Amy Rachelle, Beau Lotto, Chris Julien, Esprit Concrete: Kasturi Torchia, Fieke Jansen, Forrest Mahop, Kambale Musavuli, Kattie Fan, Ken Montenegro, KenManC, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Leon Baauw, Mario Márquez Lartigue, Matt Mitchell, Ruha Benjamin, Sander Holsgens, Sandy Oronez, STOP LAPD: Hamid Khan, Tobi Pro: Erica Wayne, Tom Paris, Trinh Nguyen, Wafaa Heikal